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Laal Rang

Music Director: , Mathias Duplessy , Shiraz Uppal , Vipin Patwa , Vipin Patwa
Singers: , Vikas Kumar, Kashif Ali, Shiraz Uppal, Mukhtiyar Ali, Sameer Khan, Vikas, Fazilpuria & Randeep Hooda
Starring: Randeep Hooda



  bhaang ragadke

Vikas kumr,Vipin Patwa

  bawli booch

Vikas Kumar

  mera mann

Kashif Ali, Shiraz Uppal

  aye khuda

Mukhtiyar Ali, Sameer Khan

  kharch karod (slow)

Vikas Kumar

  kharch karod

Vikas, Fazilpuria & Randeep Hooda


Sameer Khan

  kharch karod (fazilpuria)

Vikas, Fazilpuria & Randeep Hooda

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The film will deal with the topical issue of blood theft and blood mafia prevalent both in Indian small town and metro alike, which has never been explored in Hindi cinema before.

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